Sunday, January 3, 2010

Show / Hide Deep Freeze Tray Icon

Deep Freeze system tray icon will appear in the setting standar. To access the menu we just press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6 and the Deep Freeze window will be appear. Sometimes we want to protect so that others can't access the Deep Freeze menu. We can hide the Deep Freeze icon from system tray so when we press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6 the Deep Freeze window won't be appear but deep freeze still working.
Hide Deep Freeze icon :
1. Deep Freeze in Thawed position
2. Rename Faronics folder in directory C:\Program Files\ into other name ex: faronic or other name you like
3. Restart the computer to see the changes

Show Deep Freeze icon :
1. Start > Run > type (include quotes) : "C:\Program Files\Faronic\Deep Freeze\Install C-0\_$Df\FrzState2k.exe" 1 106917
press Enter
(the "faronic" folder depend you rename it)
2. To permanently show Deep Freeze icon rename Faronic folder to default ( Faronics)
in position Deep Freeze thawed

hope helpfull...